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[News] - Someone hacked my wireless printer, help!
Hi there! I need your help! I think that someone has hacked my wireless printer. That may sound silly but the device is printing strange documents and does it really fast. I don't know if it is hacker, maybe some malware or a hardware malfunction. But as long as those documents it prints has some sense — I suspect it is a hacker. Right now I've unplugged it from the power source, but every time I try to turn it on again — it starts working. Any help would be appreciated!
Hello, Luis!

You're right, there could be a couple of options – a malware or a hacker and we at Jammer-Store will help you to figure it out. First of all you will have to check whether your wireless printer works as a network device and has an access to the Internet. If it has an access – that might be a hacker, that is having fun harassing you. Most of the wireless printers can be hacked, using Wi-Fi protocol vulnerable spots.

We've already told that wireless data transmission standards are vulnerable, and Wi-FI can be hacked even with a smartphone. So we recommend to avoid wireless networks. The second problem here is that attacker may have downloaded a special firmware to your printer and that's why you should take your device to specialists, who are able to reinstall the legible firmware.

And you will need to block hacker's operations not only because he is wasting your paper, but because a hacked printer is dangerous. Hacker can blow that printer, using a special kind of worm. So we recommend either to avoid Wi-Fi connections at all and turn the wireless module of your printer off, or at least use a Wi-Fi signal blocker, so hacker won't be able to connect your network.

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've managed to help!
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