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[News] - How can I prevent that buggy from peeping on me?
Hi everyone! I live in the chummery and there are two guys who made this buggy with the camera on-board and they use it to peep on me and other girls. They use BlackBerry PlayBook as the controlling device and BlackBerry 9900 is also with them but I don't know why. How can I stop that cool but annoying buggy?

Hi Judy!
I guess you are talking about those guys with the remotely controlled buggy that they are calling PlayRobot. Indeed, BlackBerry PlayBook is used by them to control their surveillance robot in the joystick manner. You are a good egg that spotted that BlackBerry 9900 in their hands! You know why they are using it? Because it is awesome at establishing WiFi connection to stream the video from the robot's camera to the PlayBook.
So I guess now those ready-witted tech geeks came to the point when they have realized that they can use their humble creation to peep on beautiful girls in the hostel, right? But you can stop them and demonstrate that girls can be tech savvy too when it is necessary! So block the signal of the PlayRobot video that flows from its camera to the BlackBerry PlayBook and they simply won't be able to control it from the big distance and round the corners ;)
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