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[News] - I have a question regarding camera surveillance
Can this WB15 block infrared and LED cameras? If not, are there devices available for sale on the market that can block the use of cameras with LED light(s)? Can you direct me to such web sites and products for sale to provide me this option?
Hope all these questions I have are not annoying you. Understandably I want to have my image free of video surveillance and being recorded to the best of my ability simply for the sake of personal privacy I believe is my inherent right as a human being.

Hi James!
WB-15 wireless digital camera jammer is designed to effectively block any kind of spy cams and surveillance cameras which use 900MHz, 1200MHz and 2.4G frequency bands for their work. Even if any of those cameras has night vision mode or infrared mode to be able to record video in the absolute darkness, it will be jammed in any way.
You see, the thing is that you cannot exactly block infrared or night vision sight without exposing yourself. The same is true regarding the LED lights of the camera. But no matter what kind of enhancement has this surveillance camera, its work will be blocked, leaving only those LED lights working. Although devices which can block infrared rays might exist somewhere, I have never heard about them.
There is only one type of surveillance cameras that this jammer cannot block - the CCTV camera. But you can use CCTV camera jammer in case you need to deal with such kind of spying cam.
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