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We are specialized in design and producing Cell/Mobile Phone Jammers, GPS Jammers, Radio Frequency Jammers, Audio Jammers, UHF/VHF Jammers, Wifi Jammers, Bluetooth Jammers, Wireless Video Jammers, Spy Camera Jammers, Military Jammers, Portable Jammers, Desktop Jammers, GSM Jammers, CDMA Jammers, 3G Jammers, 4G Jammers, 4G Lte Jammers, 4G Wimax Jammers, Lojack Jammers, XM Jammers, High Power Jammers; RF Detectors, Bug Detectors, Wireless Video Detecotors, Cell Phone Signal Detectors Etc.

As we have engaged in this product and market for over 5 years, we have a good team to provide qualified Jammers to Worldwide for Personal Use Jammer, Car Use Jammer, Office Use Jammer, Company Use Jammer, Mine Use Jammer, Hospital Use Jammer, Church Use Jammer, School Use Jammer, Government Use Jammer etc.

Why Choose Us ?

1. Best Service

We treat all clients seriously and sincerely. Even if you are an individual and you are in demand of our products. We recommend or even design a suitable one for your needs.

2. High Quality

We use good chips and material to produce the items and test each of the unit before shipping to ensure the item you are going to receive works.

3. Fast Shipping

The processing time is normally 3 working days after payment. If you want the items urgently, we strongly recommend that you choose Express Shipping.

As a reputable Jammer Factory, we are always doing our best to provide the qualified items with reasonable pricing. While you are using the Jammers to protect your privacy, please kindly note that all the items from our site are for Legal Use Only. Please do not abuse or disturb other people’s life with bad intentions.

Thanks for Choosing us!

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We are specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of jamming devices for GPS, cellular and wireless RF communications.
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