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[News] - Call Blocker for iPhone

Call Blocker for iPhone

As many people are using iPhone 4 4s or iPhone 5 now. Some times, they just buried in the phone and ignored other people and things happening around. In most circumstances, you could bear them. But when you are in the following accasions, you may probably hate or resent them.

1. You are in the theatre and enjoying the shows, meanwhile, there are some ones around you who are laughing or creaming on the phones, you will never have any mood to enjoy the shows. However, you can may not blame or give a warning to them when some of them are big. You may fight with them after the show, however it will do no good to you. In this situation, when you carry a portable call blocker for iPhone, they can not interfer you any more. Their phone will remain in silence without any signals. Therefore, you can enjoy the show without any disturb.

2.You are on a metro or bus,there is some girl or boy yelling to someone on the phone. Or there is some one speaking a different language loudly. You don't want to be affacted by them and want some peace. Now, you can use a phone call blocker to shut their mouth to seek a privacy.

3.In some public places, like churches, hospitals, schools, hotel halls, there are always gossip guys to make unbearing noises. Also, you can use the phone blocker to make them quiet.

When you are going to block iphone calls effectively, pls kindly choose a high power jammer to block the calls. And if you want to block them thoroughly, better choose a full bandth, like GSM,CDMA,DCS,PHS,3G,4G signal jammer blocker portable.

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