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[News] - Black box, Telematic

Im from the England in the UK, theres a new system rolling out here to help individualize car insurance prices according to how we each drive. They install a device called Black box but I believe the real term is Telematics using GPS and mobile phone data via a sim card in the device. They will use this to see how many miles I drive, how fast I drive etc, what time of day i drive i.e peak times, rush hour and they penalise if you drive fast, brake harshing etc..

I know you thinking so why use it? Im young and insurance is sooo expensive here and this is the new thing to makes it cheaper but I know theyl come a time where I just need to or want to put my foot down to get to work or in an emergency but il get penalised and pay high premiums if I do that. Soooooo

1) I need to know does it matter if im in the UK or do gps jammer work worldwide? 2) Does it matter if I simply block the gps and not the mobile data? or vice versa 3) Having a jammer in the UK is controversial at the moment and therefore it needs to be small, VERY SMALL and hide-able. An cheap too would be nice 4) Just help me not be track and penalised the insurance companies are hastingsdirectsmartmiles and insurethebox if this helps

Thank You so much in advance

Hi there, Afrikonartist!

We've already seen drivers tried to protect themselves from Telematic's tracking. But nevertheless that system is pretty popular among the young drivers and the people with small millage, who want to pay less for their insurance. But we suppose that you already know basic facts about the BlackBox itself, so we will try to tell how does it work and how to protect yourself from tracking.

First of all the BlackBox has a GPS module. Which is used to track your location, speed and driving behavior. It doesn't matter what's your location, GPS works the same worldwide and uses L1 and L2 channels, 1227.60 – 1575.42 MHz frequency. But BlackBox also uses GSM module to transmit the data gathered by its sensors. The GSM frequencies in UK are 900/1800 MHz. And the problem here is that if you will try to block GPS – your insurance company will be notified about that by the device.

So to block it entirely you will need to block both GPS and GSM, and we at jammer-store can recommend you a couple of devices that will probably fit your needs. All of them a portable and can be hidden, also all those devices can be powered with a car lighter adapter. The first one is Alligator, it is small, but has a really weak output power, so if the blackbox will be installed under the hood – there is no guarantee that it will cover the device. The FF15 will be a much better choice. Its interference will cover the whole car and it won't matter where the device is situated. The choice is all yours!

Thanks for your question, I hope I've managed to help!
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