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[News] - How can I stop my neighbor from spying on me with a webcam?

I am a housewife and spend a lot of time at home. I have a huge and pretty lovely backyard and I am fond of sitting there. There is a pool too so sometimes I’m there in my swimming suite. And a couple of days ago I’ve spotted that my neighbour attached a tiny camera at the corner of his house, so it sees my entire backyard. I’m sure that he is spying on me. I’ve even called the cops, but he has hidden the camera.

So, is there any way to protect myself?

Hello, Victoria!

Neighbours are not always good people, that’s for sure! There are many different types of cameras that transmit data wirelessly. If your neighbor managed to detach and hide it rather quickly so it has to be such a camera. And the most common and easy to use wireless cameras are simple Wi-Fi web-cams.

Jammer-Store may have a solution for you. Web-cams use 2.4 GHz frequency as any Wi-Fi compatible device uses, and its work can be simply interfered and even disrupted. But you should pay attention to a fact that the same frequency is used by Wi-Fi routers and any kinds of Bluetooth connections, so think well before disrupting the signals on this frequency. To stop your neighbor from peeping on you, you may try to use a special Wi-Fi web-cams jammer.

This jamming device will create a field of white noise and jam the signals from your neighbour's camera. I can predict that a distance to a camera is not so big, but it is better to be sure that that cam will be in a jamming radius. And you also may sue your neighbor!

Thanks for your question, I hope I’ve managed to help.
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