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[News] - How Do I Choose the Best Cell Phone Jammer?
Cell phone jammer units are small electronic devices that block all incoming and outgoing cell calls in an area. They interfere with specific carrier frequencies to completely disrupt and prevent phone communications. This suppresses cell phones to dissuade microwave hazards that can cause electronic interferences in critical areas and inappropriate voice interruptions. Such devices are restricted by laws in the United States and many other countries. Factors to consider when choosing cell phone jammer products include their performance specifications, construction, and antenna directionality.

When cell phones became commonplace, people began looking for ways to better manage unwanted signals. Phones risked disturbing equipment and people in hospitals, schools, theaters, and elsewhere. Widespread use made these disruptions more common. To avoid problems in vital areas, organizations, businesses, and individuals began using cell phone jammer technology. This allowed them to completely block these calls, which might otherwise happen unexpectedly.

Jammers transmit with similar frequency and power as cell phone signals. This technically creates a denial-of-service attack. Like their counterpart cell phones, these gadgets operate on telecommunications carrier bandwidths, specifically ones used by local cell towers or stations. Usually, cell phones use two different frequencies for talking and listening, and are known as full duplex devices. Cell phone jammer units can block both signals.

Essentially, cell phone jammer devices disrupt these radio frequencies. When cell phones compensate for weakened signals, they increase power; but jammers can do the same. Most cell phone jammer products operate on one or more groups of frequencies. They sometimes switch between them automatically. In order to select the best cell phone jammer for your area, it may be necessary to research the local network standards the unit should operate on.

Originally designed for military and police control of communications in the field, unauthorized cell phone jammer interferences are legally considered property theft. This is because rights to the radio spectrum have been privately purchased. Arbitrarily blocking public signals may also incur safety hazards. Emergency situations or other vital communications may need to go through.

While perhaps tempting in churches, classrooms, or on public transportation, using this technology illegally can invite a costly fine and even imprisonment. Consider whether your needs would be better served by using special building materials designed to obstruct microwave radiation. Another solution may employ cell phone alerters that activate in the presence of a cell phone signal. They may power a light or sound an alert.

Device shapes vary. They may resemble cell phones minus keypads. Some look like wireless home network transceivers, or small boxes with multiple rubberized antennas. Others may travel incognito embedded into briefcases. Specifications of units can differ according to their power outputs, their compatibility with telecommunications system standards, and portability.

Besides price, other points to consider may include case construction and durability, depending on what kind of conditions they need to serve. Whether you need to carry a small unit in a pocket or set up a larger unit for a building, environmental factors can help you choose. Like phones, these devices vary in how much power they draw. Working time versus standby time may factor in, as well as overall battery life.

Antenna directionality can make a difference. Some may be more suited to cover a wide area, like a building, while others may be aimed to a more specific point. Antennas can radiate with many different field patterns, some with more null areas than others. Radius, or range of operation, should accommodate your needs without infringing on other nearby areas. Decide also if you need compatible accessories like adapters, chargers, and power supplies.
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