Portable Cell Phone Jammer - 10 Metres [CRJ2000]

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Portable Cell Phone Jammer - 10 Metres [CRJ2000]
Portable Cell Phone Jammer - 10 Metres [CRJ2000]
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Model: Cell Phone Jammer [CRJ2000]
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Customer Review of Portable Cell Phone Jammer - 10 Metres [CRJ2000]
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Raymond Sefrin say: - 06/16/2013 recommend rating
That device protects me greatly from eavesdropping and cell phone tower triangulation. That was the reason I've bought it. I just turn it on when I need a couple of minutes of safety and that's all. I'm sure that any kind of a bug or a hidden camera will not work around that device too. And the great advantage is in its size! I can use it transparently without any trouble!
Tony Viegas say: - 05/17/2013 recommend rating
This little gadget is always with me since I’ve bought it. The main goal was to protect my tablet and mobile phone from Bluejacking. The second – to keep me concentrated on the road, blocking my cell phone. And I also needed small radius in order not to bother other people. Its all was combined here and I’m sure I won’t jam anyone else because the radius is really small.
ismail fatjon say: - 03/07/2013 recommend rating
Worked first time out of the box. Very small and discrete and makes my ride on the bus a whole lot quieter now!
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