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Bedroom is everyone's Holy Shelter. When you are blamed by your mother for not being a good kid, you go to the quilt to cry without letting your sisters or brothers know. When you are scolded by your teacher, you also stay there and think hard to make an improvement.What if your neighour door play his radio when you are sad? Will you go knock his door and ask him to stop making noises ? It's a big risk when you are in blue mood. Cause you guys may fight and you may be kicked even if you are feeling upset. Since there is Radio Frequency Jammers, you will be bothered free in your bedroom under no circumstances. Now, go to choose one Radio Jammer Blocker from us to protect your privacy.
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315MHz/433MHz RF + Cell Phone Jammer - 40 Meters [CMPJ00140]
$306.00  $289.00
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We are specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of jamming devices for GPS, cellular and wireless RF communications.
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