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Cell phone and Wifi jammer [CRJ4000]
Cell phone and Wifi jammer [CRJ4000]
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Model: Cell phone jammer [CRJ4000]
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Customer Review of Cell phone and Wifi jammer [CRJ4000]
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Lisa L Witter say: - 06/04/2013 recommend rating
Good item and fast shipping
Kevin Williams say: - 05/14/2013 recommend rating
I could never even thought that I would use a signal jamming device, but I've bought this buddy. I have to communicate with people all the week as long as I'm clerk, but sometimes you can get really tired of communication. I was at the cafe one night after really hard working week. I was really tired and the guy at the nearby table was on his phone really loud. I asked him to go easy really politely but he shouted at me something like: "stick your fingers in your ears if you don't like something!" And that was the time I decided to get the cell phone jammer!
Andreas Krantz say: - 04/16/2013 recommend rating
Excellent! Recommend seller! Very fast delivery to USA! A quality product! I'll have to buy! Thank you!
Crystal Cheng say: - 02/26/2013 recommend rating
I've looked for something transparent and with low jamming range for a pretty long time. Those two factors ensure that it is really hard to detect me and I'm not disrupting somebody's else communications. I use that signal blocker to protect my mobile device from various hackers because my smartphone contains lots of my business-related data.
tomat eric say: - 01/19/2013 recommend rating
Great service with fast and reliable delivery. For future products I wish there was a button to switch on/off selected frequencies, for example, blocking only 3G but not WiFi or vice versa.
charles corcoran say: - 10/17/2012 recommend rating
AWESOME!!! Just got mine today, and it works GREAT!! I still think it's a magical device... Guys, you're genius!!!
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