3G/GSM/CDMA Desktop Cell Phone Signal Jammer [CPJ6000]

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3G/GSM/CDMA Desktop Cell Phone Signal Jammer [CPJ6000]
3G/GSM/CDMA Desktop Cell Phone Signal Jammer [CPJ6000]
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Model: Cell Phone Jammer [CPJ6000]
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Customer Review of 3G/GSM/CDMA Desktop Cell Phone Signal Jammer [CPJ6000]
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Den Erickson say: - 07/19/2013 recommend rating
I've chose this jammer because it has fit my needs perfectly. I wanted to have a device that will block all mobile phones in a huge area and I wanted it to work 24/7. This buddy has it all, it jamms all the cell phones, except 4G Internet and it has a couple of fans to cool the device, so it can work 24/7. And I also have a remote control, that's quite a bonus.
Charles Neighbors say: - 06/14/2013 recommend rating
That device is a reliable tool. I’ve installed it in our conference hall to prevent the ringing of mobile phones. I’ve chosen that jammer because I’ve needed only GSM jamming. We often use Wi-Fi during our conferences and I didn’t want to jam it and that device has met my needs perfectly.
arien hez say: - 05/07/2013 recommend rating
That signal blocker is awesome! Works well, blocks all I need and is remotely controlled. The only thing I do not like about it – it's cooling fans are too loud as for me. And that device frightens my cat really much. All the rest is cool and I've already got a couple of vids on youtube of my cat being scared!)
Wojciech Sypko say: - 04/11/2013 recommend rating
I’m pretty happy with this device. I owe a little funeral service company. We are small but we are valuing our reputation greatly. That’s why all our ceremonies took place just like they should. But nowadays even funeral ceremonies are frequently ruined by phone calls, so I’ve decided to invest a little money to prevent that from happening. It actually paid off thanks to the quality of this jammer.
Rok Bizjak say: - 02/07/2013 recommend rating
My flat is situated at the 11th floor of the 40-storeyed building, and there are many other flats there as well. Those flats are inhabited by different people, and some of them cannot control their emotions during phone calls. So I've decided to buy this desktop jammer and use it against them. And I did the right thing! When this powerful device works, you can hear no phone calls around because it gets even through walls. Cooling system allows it to work daily, and there is also a remote control! :) The only thing is that electric bill will increase... But the silence you get is worth it!
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