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Do cell phone signals work on the same frequency that texts are on? Any way to jam texting but not the cell phone being used? I am a teacher and kids text but in an emergency they need to get the incoming call.

Hi Nvrgavup!

I am sad to tell you that but you cannot block texting without blocking cell phone calls, both incoming and outgoing. You see, when you use cell phone blocker in classroom you jam not texting or voice calls but mobile phone frequencies they use to work (GSM, CDMA, PCS, etc.). So if you block cell phones, you will block them completely.

Yet there is one thing you can do. To fight back some part of their attention you can use WiFi jammer and prevent kids from using wireless internet access during their classes. This will make them more focused on the current topic and less distracted from what you say and show them. I hope that will help you somehow.

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