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  1. Internal Antenna

    • 1

      Power off your phone.

    • 2

      Remove the back cover and remove the battery.

    • 3

      Unpeel the protective paper from the back of the Signal Booster. Stick the booster on the phone under the battery. Ensure that the arrow points toward the top of the phone.

    • 4

      Replace the battery and power on the phone.

    External Booster

    • 5

      Download the template for the external booster (link in Resources).

    • 6

      Print the template on card stock or another heavy paper.

    • 7

      Cut out the template with scissors or a sharp knife.

    • 8

      Assemble the pieces by bending the piece with tabs so they fit into the slots in the other piece.

    • 9

      Tape aluminum foil to the piece with slots. Place your phone under the "X" on the piece with tabs.

    • 10

      Rotate the parabola around your phone until it points toward the closest cell tower. Leave your phone in place and use it with a headset or speakerphone to maintain the signal amplification.

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