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For the same types of devices according to the details they are also different as well and can also make them owning different applications and so on. As for the signal jammers, if they are the desktop style usually they can only be used in the fixed places, however for the handheld signal jamming device they can be used in both the fixed places and can also be taken out as well at the same time. And just here if you are looking for the 3G 4G GPS signal blocker and want to know how to make full use of it then you can just come here and read the article here, then you will gain a lot of useful information.

Do you know why this "Portable GPS Jammer & 3G 4G All Cell Phone Blocker" is taken as the example here? This is because of the developing of the mobile phone signals now cut off the signals of the 4G signals is really in need and also at the same time a lot of people want to cut off the 2G 3G signals and also the GPS signal at the same time to ensure their safety condition, so that to meet up with people's requirements then the portable 3G 4G GPS signal jammer are invented to help people.

And then here you can have a look at more details of the selectable 3G 4G GPS signal jammer here and then it will be helpful to make a wise decision. This handheld GPS 3G 4G mobile phone jammer is a six-band unit, designed to meet most of the demands for signal jamming. The effected frequency ranges of this portable GPS 3G 4G cell phone jammer includes CDMA/PCS 1805-960MHz, DCS/PCS 1805 to 1990MHZ, 3G 2110-2170, 4G LTE 725-770MHZ, 4G WIMAX 2345-2400MHz, GPSL1 1570-1580 MHZ. So there is no doubt that this selectable 3G 4G GPS signal jammer will efficiently jam all mobile phone 2G, 3G, 4G signal and GPS L1 bands within the range up to 20m, depending on the signal strength given in the area. How about the car using function that a lot of handheld signal jammers own? No need to worry as this selectable 3G 4G GPS signal jammer is also designed with car charger as well so that this 3G 4G GPS signal blocker can also be used in the car when people have the need.

Having a look at the size of this portable 3G 4G GPS signal jammer you will find that it is easy to take, so because of this point for people who want to take them out and get rid of the noises of the mobile phones such as the teachers, and also for the pray at the church, during the meeting and so many other kinds of places that the quiet and safety condition are required without noises and tracking this handheld GPS 3G 4G mobile phone jammer will help you a lot then. So just catch the chance and then pick up the high quality handheld selectable 3G 4G GPS signal jammer at the best price and free shipping here.

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