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Hello guys! I am living in a dangerous region of the dangerous country. Can't say more about it. There is a big risk because of IEDs there so how can I stop them from blowing up?

Hi William!

I am sorry that you are living in a rough conditions. I know that there are many people like you struggling every day for their lives and every single day risking of loosing those lives. But modern science and technological researches are making a lot of progress nowadays and this allows you to ease your life a bit.

If there are many different Improvised Explosive Devices on the streets of your city then you need to use IED signal jammer in order to prevent them from occasional detonation. This totally reliable device may be of great help there and save many lives, including yours.

Although many people around the world think that jammers are bad and illegal gadgets you can see now that those "bad illegal gadgets" can be used for good and right deeds!

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