Product Description

LoJack transmits on a radio (RF) carrier frequency of 173.075 MHz. Vehicles with the system installed send a 200 millisecond (ms) chirp every ten seconds on this frequency. When being tracked after reported stolen, the devices send out a 200 ms signal once per second. The radio frequency transmitted by LoJack is near the VHF spectrum band formerly used in North America by analog television channel 7, although there was minimal interference due to the low power of radiation, brief chirp duration, and long interval between chirps.
Features of CTS. UVX VHF jammer, UHF blocker, UHF & VHF Immobilizer:

* Blocks both of VHF and UHF frequencies
* Take down all kind of VHF and UHF devices
* Each band 15 watt, total is 30 watt
* Blocking range max achieve 30 meters radius
* With 2PCS fast fans & alum. Filter supports 24/7 working
* Able to use in car (need car power invertor)
* build under safety regulations, no harmful to human
* Comes with one year guarantee

Specifications of CTS. UVX UHF jammer, VHF blocker, UHF & VHF Immobilizer:

Frequency: VHF 140~180MHz and UHF 420~480MHz
Jamming Range: 10~30 meters radius in open space
Output Power: Each band 15 watt, total 30 watt
Current & Voltage: AC 110~240V 2.5A transfer to DC 24V 3A
Battery: No battery inside(Battery is option)
Impedance: 50 ohm
Dimension: 230x17x58mm (Groos 3.5kgs)
Work Temperature -10 ~ 60 degree (-59 ~ 140F)
Packaging: Each set per brown box with polyfoam inside
Safety Regulation: AC Adapter UL(E190582), CSA(LR112971 Level3)
Warranty: 2 Year

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